Cuddle & Platonic Touch Therapy Sessions

Cuddle & Platonic Touch Therapy Sessions

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Physical affection is essential for our overall well-being by alleviating stress & providing a healthy environment of nurturing support. Not all of us have a partner, lover or companion to hold or caress us regularly. Many of us are starting to realize just how important platonic touch is to living a fulfilled life.

To be embraced, held, caressed, comforted & nurtured is healing. We all yearn for connection & to feel deeply appreciated, cherished & honored as we are. Cuddling is therapy that heals.

This cuddle session offers a genuine connection based on respect & compassion which includes all forms of platonic touch. You decide whether the session will take place at your residence or at the professional cuddler’s Westminster location. The platonic cuddle session includes cuddling, massages, gentle caresses & any playful touch which is not directly sexually stimulating, but which fulfills our sensory yearning for physical affection, nurturing & healing. Kissing is NOT allowed.

Touch-Topia’s Creator & Premier Professional Cuddler is Anna Horst. Anna is a petite 5’2” female in her mid thirties. She’s committed to enhancing our world through touch therapy & healthy relating. Please see the About Me page for more information about Anna.

PLEASE NOTE: Sleepwear and/or undergarments required.

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